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Thread: Reserved Names for Oracle Database

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    Reserved Names for Oracle Database

    I was trying to install a database with global_name and SID to be equal to "backup" and keep getting error. ORA-00905 missing keyword. am I not allow to use "backup" as a database name?
    but my old database I have used db name as "backup" and I haven't run into this error. Any ideas?

    this is on Windows 2000 server and 9.2.0

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    Just tried creating a database in 817 with database name and sid as backup and it worked. Not sure about 9i2 version. Try creating database using DBCA and check it out.

    You may also want to look at

    For reserved words.

    I tried creating database using those words as SID and it gave me "ORA-02165:Invalid option for Create Database" Error. Again this is my observation for 8i.

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    It is not recommended to use words reserved for names of banks, tables, tablespaces, columns, etc. It can be that in previous versions you it has obtained, however does not make this in new versions, at least uses undescore "_".
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    But as a general practice avoid using reserved names for db names, there are enough permutations&combinations to think of when naming your db.
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