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    Script to compare two databases physical structure

    Anybody has a shell script or PERL script to compare physical structure of two databases (db1 and db2)? The script should take two arguments (db1 and db2) and compare datafiles and their sizes and display the differences. I am assuming here the mount points are same on two servers and these databases are on two different servers (say for example, production database on one server and standby database on another).

    I need this script to check any differences between production and standby and email on call DBA to notify the differences, so that we keep both in sync as fast as possible and avoid any delay in applying transactions to standby.

    Oracle 8.1.7.x and 9.0.1.x/9.2.0.x on Compaq Tru64 Ver 5.1.
    Shripad Godbole
    OCP DBA (8,8i,9i)

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    Depends on what evel you are talking about.

    1). Object level - Should be version control of DDL in DB, CVS, Source Safe etc.
    2). Schema Level - I think TOAD and OEM does a schema comparison (also for object level also). A bit of a bitch though when your database contains 150 schemas.
    3). Database level - init.ora paramters etc, select statements through unions and db links is one way.
    4). OS level - YOu'd have to write scripts to determine set up of boxes. You'd rarely find two boxes identical.
    OCP 8i, 9i DBA
    Brisbane Australia

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    Those three might help:

    Toad - (dba->compare schemas menu)
    Quest Change Manager http://www.quest.com/

    Embarcadero http://www.embarcadero.com/

    The first one is more functional and closer to the reality.

    Oracle OEM also has Change Manager tool.

    Hope that helps,

    clio_usa - OCP 8/8i/9i DBA

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    See whether this suits u.....

    Looks little older version......


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    I posted an integrated set of GUI tools to manage, monitor and tune the Oracle database. One of the many functions is to compare the physical structure of two schemas from the same or different databases with the capability to drill down to a comparison of two specific object descriptions side by side. The link is http://www.barsoft.net
    Michel Bartov

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