yesterday , I was installing a oracle8.0.5 database for a client on NT server . I am following this way to create service :
A. create password file :
orapwd file=f:\orant\database\pwdprod.ora password=XXX entried=5

B. create new instance service
set oracle_sid = prod
oradim80 -new -sid prod -startmode auto -pfile "f:\orant\database\initprod.ora"

then going to create database and so on .
but after all , there is only 1 service in control panel->service for prod
(oracleserviceProd) , but the other service oraclestartprod is not appearing !

later on , I found the difference that I delete the database and recreate the service by using:

set oracle_sid = prod
oradim80 -new -sid prod -intpwd XXX -startmode auto -pfile "f:\orant\database\initprod.ora"
(note that I didn't use orapwd to create password , but I add new parameter intpwd )

then everything is fine .both services are appearing .

I realize that the previous method is for oracle8i so maybe this is the reason ? ( because oracle8i need only 1 service oracleserviceProd)

could any Xpert tell me what's the tricky inside ?