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Thread: Import taking much time for only one table

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    Question Import taking much time for only one table

    I imported one 8 GB dump file into test environment ( test_db01 ).
    One table ( table_01 ) did not get populated because of wrong table definition in test environment ( test_db01 ).

    I corrected the table definition of table_01.
    Started the import again; this time only for table_01.
    (using the "TABLES=(table_01)" parameter in the parameter file; I used the same 8 GB dump file for import)

    Almost half an hour went. But still the import is not ending and not showing any messages.

    Of course I could have taken an individual export of table_01 and imported it quickly.
    But wanted to know why import is taking so much time just for one small table.

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    Import has to read whole 8GB dumpfile to import the specified table.

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    Thanks Nagarjuna. That must be the reason for the delay.
    ( Finally my import was over after one hour !! )

    Next time atleast I wont panic if it takes time.

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    If u have gone through the documentation it clearly say that export and import for data size of xGB will take hours to complete.This is the greatest disadantage of this utility.

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    The parameters BUFFER, COMMIT and FEEDBACK of imp utility will help you to find out the total time needed for the import.

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