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Thread: pctincrease

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm baffled with the following question:

    Q) You are managing segments in an Oracle table with storage settings of 100KB for initial and next when the table was first created, respectively, and pctincrease is set to 50. Which of the following choices identifies the size of the table after the fourth extent has been allocated?

    A. 225KB
    B. 325KB
    C. 350KB
    D. 575KB

    My understanding of the above problem is that the table is created with the initial segment of 100KB,then allocates first extent of size 100KB, second extent of size 100KB, and from third extent onwards pctincrease kickoff so the its size will be 150KB, and fourth extent will 150x1.5=225KB. So the total size of the table after 4 extents will be 100+100+100+150+225 KB. But to my dismay that's wrong.

    Could anyone please eloberate on it?

    Haricharan M.

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    Hi Hari,

    You are right about next extent. It works this way

    Extent 1: 100KB
    Extent 2: 100KB
    Extent 3: 100KB+50%of100KB=150KB
    Extent 4: 100KB+50%of150KB=175KB
    and so on.

    But there is another thing u need to make check is these value might get adjusted if defined extent in create statement is not evenly divided by block size.

    what block size u are using ?

    i would just run simple test by creating table and insert some rows so it will create extent and u can check out.


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