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Thread: Character Set related problem

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    Character Set related problem

    Our Oracle database is running in WE8ISO8859P1 character set
    that does not support Euro symbols. I have to insert some data in a
    table with Euro symbol(s) in one of the columns and retrieve the same using select statement. The client network terminal is not supporting
    Euro symbols due to which it retrieved some junk value....what are the
    things to be done at database side/client side to get back the euro
    symbol while selecting the data?

    FYI, WE8ISO8859P15 supports the Euro symbols and its binary code is 164.

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Hi Prashanth,
    First of all as ur saying that your database does not support EURO symbol, then how can u insert a EURO symbol and retrive the same.
    your database character set must be a super set or the same charater set of your client.
    First make sure that your database supports EURO symbol by changing the character set of the DB and do the same on the client.

    Check the below url


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    To store euro symbols you have to use - WE8MSWIN1252 (MS Windows Code Page 1252 8-bit West European). And the euro code is 0x80 (128).

    As you already hinted - WE8ISO8859P15 supports euro too. WE8ISO8859P1 is not supporting the euro as you already found out by yourself.

    It's easy to test it:

    select dump(convert(chr(128),'WE8ISO8859P15','WE8MSWIN1252')) from dual;

    returns 164, which is the euro sybmol in ISO code page WE8ISO8859P15.

    However, WE8ISO8850P1 doesn't :

    select dump(convert(convert(chr(128),'WE8ISO8859P1','WE8MSWIN1252'),'WE8MSWIN1252','WE8ISO8859P1'))

    Hope that helps,

    clio_usa - OCP 8/8i/9i DBA

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    Thanks for your reply. Clio-As you understood, my database doesn't support EURO symbols, but i have to insert EURO symbols in one of the table & be able to retrive the same. One option is that I export the database, recreate the database again with the character set that supports Euro characters and then import the same. I dont want to do all that. so could you tell me now what other options are available to acheiev my requirement?

    Thanks Again,

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    8i National Language Support Guide, chapter 3.
    "The power of instruction is seldom of much efficacy except in those happy dispositions where it is almost superfluous" - Gibbon, quoted by R.P.Feynman

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    Sorry to tag this on the end of this thread but can someone tell me the command to use to see what character set the database is using?

    I know I can use export to see the character set but I just wondered if there was a simple command to use?

    Cheers for any help

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