Hi all,
Couple of questions need to ask.
1. what does it means when I set processes = 100 on initSID.ora file?
Does it means that I can have up to 100 concurrent processes running in database?
2. If I have 2 users, user1 and user2. I want to limit user1 can have max. 20 processes under this login ID and up to 10 processes for user2. Is there a parameter to set (limit) sessions (or processes) per indevidule user.

The reason I need to set a limited processes per user is to prevend too many processes spawed and caused Unix (HP-UX 11i) returned a message: can't fork process error. Last week, we had an application tried to connect to Oracle (8174), but for some reasons, it created hundreds of processes which caused Unix panic to report " fork..." message. I would like to prevend this happens again. How to accomplish this task.