Please answer me the following points:

1. Want to know the script which when run from the cmd prompt will report the db Space usage info & will alert when the db is reaching its limit. I dont want to use the statspack or built in scripts.

2. What is the difference between rebuilding & coalesceing an index & when to use each one of them.

3. On unix os all the filesystem are 90% full. In that case I cannot perform a full db exp. In that case how will I know what will be the size of the Dump file created if I try to take a full db exp.

4. The temp ts is showing some space missing. Where it might have gone.

5. How will I know if the temp ts is fragmented.

6. The db is running in archive mode. I have taken hot backup of users ts on mon, rbs ts on tue & system ts on wed. On thu the whole db is crashed. How will I recover the db & bring it up, will all ts I need to restore.

7. When I try to insert a rec in emp table in users ts I get insufficient space error for the system ts. What can be the reason & in which ts I need to add space.

8. I have an emp table in users ts. I want to imp it into another db in data ts.

9. If I add the system rbs name in the rollback_segment para list in init.ora, what error will I get.

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Thank you.