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    Unhappy An explanation to my problem which is cleare

    Because i had noted that i was very bad in my explanation of my problem .. and because my friend alapps and friend akhadar had

    advised me in some points which i had tried them before , i want to apologize to the two friends and explain the problem clearly

    again ..

    My problem with the all details :
    I work with Oracle 8.0.5
    I have two database on the same server ..
    Database NO.1 is prof . ( It is the main database )
    Database NO.2 is recv . ( It is the database of recovery catalog )
    When the server has no started database , i startup the ( prof ) database with the following statment :
    startup database pfile=e:\databases\prof_database\profinit.ora open prof
    the database starts very well , and every thing are ok ..
    but when i need any data from the another database , i write the following statment :
    startup database pfile=e:\databases\recv_database\recvinit.ora open recv
    i receive the following message :
    ORA-01081: cannot start already-running ORACLE - shut it down first
    If i shut down the first database :
    shutdown immediate ;
    it shuts down softly , and when i startup the another like :
    startup database pfile=e:\databases\recv_database\recvinit.ora open recv
    is starts up softly also ..
    what is which i had tried it and it hadn't worked :

    1- I had tried to change the order of the two database in the startup . it hadn't worked .
    2- I had tried to change the the ( oracle_sid ) parameter in the registry from -prof- to -recv- and in the reverse . but it hadn't worked .
    3- I had tried to create another listener , and i had included it the address of the another database ( recv ) in the value of the listener sid_list parameter , and i had started it , but i was very bad in this step , because i didn't know what had happened , and the
    database hadn't started never .
    4- I had looked in Oracle documentation , about this problem and i had looked for ( startup multiple database on the same server )
    but i had found the information about parallel server which benefits us to work with more than one instance of one database , and so , i hadn't found any thing ..
    5- I had looked in the google , but i hadn't found any useful points .. all which i had found are about parallel server .. and about distributed database system ..
    6- i had tried some changing in the parameter file of the two database , and i had added to the two database the parameter ( instance_name )with different name for each database , in spite of i know that is this parameter is related to oracle 8.1.6 and it is undefined in Oracle 8.0.5 , becuaae i had thought that Oracle dosen't startup the another database because of the similarity confusion of the name of instance . and this step also hadn't worked .
    7- I had tried to distract my manager in the office about asking me of this problem , and also this step hadn't worked , and he is asking me every day ..

    Is it a problem of names , parameters , configurations , memory , instance name , or it is something else ??

    I'm just a small beginner DBA work with a big programming company , and i'm in the testing time now ..please help me ..

    Dears .. Please , if any one want to ask me anything about any small detail which i had omitted it , please ask me because this

    problem is very important to me ..

    Tarek Al'Kaddoumi ...

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    Is it a problem of names , parameters , configurations , memory , instance name , or it is something else ??
    Answer: yes.

    Try going back to the very basics with respect to init.ora files. Copy each file to ORACLE_HOME\database, naming each file as initsid.ora, where sid is the name of each database. Work on using pfile= later.

    In a command prompt window (MS-DOS window), set the ORACLE_SID for one of the databases. Echo the ORACLE_SID setting to be sure it is set. With 8.0.5, you can use server manager, so at the prompt, enter svrmgrl. Connect internal. Startup. If that all works, exit server manager.

    Change the ORACLE_SID to the name of the other database. Repeat the steps as shown above.

    On Windows, you will also need to have the service for each instance running. None of the above has anything to do with the listener.

    Start with this and see how it goes.

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