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    Cloning Oracle 9i Database

    I have searched the Forus for this and didn't find any prior posting.

    Can some one post the steps to clone a oracle 9i Database as it has spfile concept.

    The database is not a REal Application Cluster Databse.Its a stand alone database.


    Source Server:
    OS: AIX 5.1
    Database: Oracle9i R9.2

    Destination Server:
    OS: AIX 5.1
    Database: Oracle9i R9.2

    Thanks for all the posting(s).

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    same as u would with older versions

    1.backup the source datafiles
    2.restore to target
    3.issue "alter database backup controlfile to trace"
    4.find the last file created under $ORACLE_BASE/admin/$ORACLE_SID/udump destination and copy over to target (lets call it /export/home/oracle/clone.sql)
    5. modify the clone.sql if target mount points and database name are different
    6. on target "startup mount" --> @clone.sql -->"recover database using backup controlfile until cancel"
    7. apply the last of archives and bring it online by issuing "alter database open resetlogs"
    Moe M Haroon

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    forgot to mention copy spfile to init or mount target with
    startup mount spfile=
    Moe M Haroon

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    Dallas, TX
    I just posted an integrated set of GUI tools to administer and tune the Oracle database.
    One of the many functions is to generate a shell script and the init.ora file to clone a database from an existing database. The script copies the datafiles to the new location and uses “Create Control File” option to clone the database.
    You may need some help to get started, so feel free to contact me. The link is http://www.barsoft.net/
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