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    Bash script for copying backup files...


    The former DBA killed all backups so my first order of business is to get them going with RMAN ( done ) and then copy them to another host for redundancy, and then sweep to tape.

    I just need a way to get yesterdays date with bash on solaris but the man pages suggest I can only format dates and not do any date-1 or 'yesterday'.

    Any ideas?


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    oracle@oem01--/export/home/oracle>todays_date=`date +%d`
    oracle@oem01--/export/home/oracle>echo $todays_date
    oracle@oem01--/export/home/oracle>let X=todays_date-1
    oracle@oem01--/export/home/oracle>echo $X

    Thu Apr 24 15:11:18 CDT 2003
    oracle@oem01--/export/home/oracle>date +%a' '%b' '$X' '%H':'%M':'%S' '%Z' '%Y
    Thu Apr 23 15:15:12 CDT 2003

    hope this helps
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    Moe M Haroon

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    RMAN, RMAN, RMAN, lemme see. RMAN supports operations involving sysdate, so you can do things like 'sysdate - 1.' Why are you trying to manipulate dates via the OS?

    You can find files (via the find command) that have been accessed or modified (-atime and -mtime) based on +/-/exactly n days. Is that what you are looking for?

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    I have started rman backups into a local directories on the 3 production machines. There are no tape drives. I am writing this script to run after the backups and copy the latest set to another host, round robbin so every box will copy backups to the next one in a circle. The rman process writes to a dir where it keeps 6 sets and deletes the oldest. I just want to copy the newest per above.

    Our bash on solaris looks fairly 'light' as date has no -d option so all the web examples wont work.

    But I was overengineering anyway, stecal's approach of correctly using 'find' grabs the latest filenames for my array and all that is left is to SCP and I am done. I was sidetracked since date is in the filename also.

    Phase II is to get the net admin to sweep all 3 2ndary locations to tape after my scripts run.

    Phase III is to fix the data guard setups.

    Then I begin sleeping better

    Thanks for the help! Great site!

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