Hi All,

Ours is Oracle 8.1.6 on Red Hat Linux 7.3. We have installed two instances on the Same Server. We Create only one Listener for the Two instances at the server. The problem is when we are trying to connect from clients - The server is misbehaving like sometimes its not allowing us to get connect - Some times it making confusion with the passwords, tablespaces and schemas.

For Example : The First Instance name is INSA and its Sytem password is Manager1 and Second Instance Name is INSB and Its system password is Manager2.

At our Client we configured LOCAL NAMES and the server is in dedicated mode. At the Clients TNSNAMES.ORA FILE we configured the two instances as INSA and INSB.

Then when we are connecting from client the SYSTEM/MANAGER1@INSA in showing the schema of SYSTEM's INSB and some times it is not allowing us to connect. But the same is working fine at the server. Then I thought it might be problem with listner and restarted the listener. then its working fine for some time and again giving the same problem.

Can you please help me in identifing where the problem is and solving this.