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Thread: Oracle 11i Apps on Windows 2000 Server

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    Oracle 11i Apps on Windows 2000 Server

    I was just wondering if there are any problems running Oracle 11i apps on Windows 2000 Server. Currently, I have it installed on Windows NT Server. Any comments will be appreciated.

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    Certain issues may exist, depending on the product version that you use.

    What is the version of 11i that you are using? (11.5.8 or lower?)

    You can check this out on metalink - certification.


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    Re: Oracle 11i Apps on Windows 2000 Server

    Yes we are running Oracle 11i Apps on Windows 2000 Server.There is no problems running on Windows 2000 Server.The patches needed to be applied are easily available in metalink.The same patches which are applied on Windows NT has to be applied on Windows 2000.

    Rohit Nirkhe,Oracle/Apps DBA,OCP 8i
    Thanks and Regards
    Rohit S Nirkhe

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    it is ok to work on windows 2000

    I ran apps starting from 11.5.3 up to 11.5.8 on Windows 2000 at no problems ,, just install required service packs to operating system prior to installing apps and the required software for apps like VC++ and GNUMAKE plus the MKS
    Hisham Nagia
    IT Manager For Development
    Oracle Consultant - OCP

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