Hi everybody!
This is going to sound really basic but here goes...
In my time as a DBA i've never really had to use imp/exp to recover a whole database - however now i need to test an imp/exp backup strategy to support recreating a 734 database.
I've tried a few times but can't seem to get it working - here's what i'm doing:

1. Taking full export of original db.
2. Recreating original db by running Create Database script to create db, redo log groups and system datafile
3. Recreating all tablespaces
4. Recreating users, roles + profiles.

At this point i think i should be able to run the import to complete the restore but i can't - it tells me that the STANDARD package isn't there...
Do i need to run catalog + catproc? And if so can i do the import straight after that or am i missing some other steps? Are there any particular import parameters that need to be set?
One last question - is it the same procedure for 8i? (the next one i have to test!)

I know this is basic DBA stuff but any help, or indeed pointers to documentation would be greatly appreciated.