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Thread: SERVICE_NAME versus SID

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    I have a quick question about SERVICE_NAME and SID.

    I have two instances on the same server. one instance was created by database configurantion assistant this instance called TEST, on the tnsnames oracle used SERVICE_NAME=TEST. I created another database and this new database called MYTEST manually, and I also used SERVICE_NAME=MYTEST. For some reason, when I connect to MYTEST database I got the error:

    ORA-12514: TNS listener could not resolve SERVICE_NAME given in connect

    why was that??? I aslo add MYTEST sid_name into the listener.log and that doesn't help

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    TNSNAMES is very particular about spaces brackets () etc must ensure grammaticaly correct. Oracle recommends DBCA but to tell you the truth I have added many services manually without a problem.

    Could also mean that a service name has been suppied that the listener is not listening for.

    check listener.ora.
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    I got it

    stop the listener and restart it to fix the problem

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