We have a problem at our production environment,
(the problem is d2k version independant)

our production environment consists of an application in D2k
( .FMX, .PLL, .RDF )

When we promote some of our software to the live environment we get following error in a particular form
ORA-00600 (internal error)

To solve this problem, we open the library attached to the form, compile it and save. By doing this we are able to get rid of the error.

I have a doubt here.
Could any one suggest, whether, it is ok to attach .PLL in the production or should we attach .PLX files

I want to attach the .PLX files because, they are supposed to be the compiled version of the libraries and would probably make the forms run faster (as a compiled code, would runs faster than the code which needs to be compiled and then run-as is the case in .PLX libraries) ?