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Thread: log switching

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    log switching

    I have a system which forces log switches every 5 minutes to keep the standby database in sync via the crontab, I have been asked to make this switch every minute. Can you see any problems with the frequency being dropped to a minute.

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    I think if the standby database is on different system,it will increase network resources,and if it is on same system then it will consume more cpu.
    NO Doubt the log switch will create more redo log files and dbwr will be called after 1 minute to write the records.This will affect the performance of the database.
    Saurabh Garg
    OCP 9i

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    If you have been asked to switch logs that often, the level of granularity requested is high. If you are using 9i, investigate using Data-Guard.

    Data-Guard can provide immediate sync down to the committed transaction level versus the latest log switch.

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