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    Archivelog and performance ...

    Hi all !
    We have a strategic OLTP application which use an 8.1.7 database on Solaris 2.8.
    This database is not in archivelog mode and the only backup performed on it is a simple daily export full (that's for real !).
    There is no physical backup (copy of the datafiles).

    I know that it would be very necessary to implement a secure backup strategy ...
    But I'm just wondering if the archivelog mode will not cause slowdown performance problem ...

    Does anybody could share his experience on the implementation of the archivelog mode and performance problem on Solaris with 8.1.7 databases ?

    Thanks a lot in advance !

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    I don't think that u will have any problem in setting your database in Arhcive log mode.Its solely depends on how well u know about it.They will say so who afraid of maintaining it.

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    If this is a production database then it should definatly be in archivelog mode. I have an OLTP system runnig 8.1.7 on solaris 2.8 and it runs in archive log mode. There has not been a great impact on performance. Having said this it all depends on your specific database setup e.g. datafile configuration, disk layout etc. In general as long as the LGWR & ARC0 processes
    are not experiencing contention and you have enough online redo logs
    you should be ok. The only way to really find out is to implement archive log mode
    and see what happens. You can then correct any araes that experiance a performance hit.

    hope this helps


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    Thanks a lot !

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    Originally posted by sazzadur

    If this is a production database then it should definatly be in archivelog mode.
    You'd think so wouldn't you.
    I maintain 2 Ora8i db's and when I asked the system owners about their backup and recovery requirements, they said "Last night's network backup will be fine.".
    So thats what they got - on the understanding of what it implied. If it all goes wrong - I did tell them but they didn't listen.

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