I did a big import yesterday and i had a problem.

Mon Apr 07 16:19:55 2003
KCF: write/open error block=0x180070 online=1
error=27069 txt: 'OSD-04026: Invalid parameter passed. (OS 1572976)'
Automatic datafile offline due to write error on

Its a bug from Oracle, metalink note: 148894.1
My datafile was in autoextend and reach 12 gig, then boom.

Since i have lost of users on different tablespaces, i cant close the database and solve it right away. So i took from my backup the datafile in trouble from friday night.

Now i want to recover the datafile until monday morning. I thought this command would of work, but there's no "until time" for the recover datafile command. RECOVER DATAFILE 'D:\ORA8I\ORANT\DATABASE\INTEGRA.ORA' UNTIL TIME '2003-04-07 10:00:00';
ORA-00274: illegal recovery option UNTIL

NOTE: i dont use rman.

So my question is:

Is my only option is to take from my friday backup the datafile in trouble + system datafile + control_file + online log + archive log , create a new test instance, recover the database "until time", then issue a export of owner in tablespace in trouble.
Now i have a nice export.
In my real instance, i drop that tablespace and recreate it, then issue an import.

Is it my only option?

note: My database is 24/24, i dont have much downtime available.