Hey all.
We're doing RAC with PeopleSh*t and are doing proof of concept
for Oracle Clustered File System on Dude you got Dells PowerEdge 6650's with windooze 2k. We've got 16 36gb drives and as this is proof of concept we pretty much have free reign for raid levels, configuration etc

Anyone running ocfs?

It's been suggested that we seperate redo, datafiles, and temp
onto their own logical drives (as assigned by ocfs). So it might look like we have say 12 drives reserved for datafiles but windooze will only see this as one logical partition (ie the d drive). The arguement we have heard is that the less logical partitions the better.

A follow up on PS and RAC for those who are interested.
PS does not support RAC, as they say, Oracle Does
And of course Oracle does not support PS.
Supposedly Oracle works out of the box on App's like PeopleSoft but we have found that there are some tables that need to be update with the the instance names in addition to the db name.
Interesting that PS does not support RAC issues on PS but there is a nifty white paper written by PeopleSoft on how to implement RAC with PS, go figure.