Hello all...

Iam trying to load data (appox 1.5 G) into Oracle 8.1.7 DB using a 3rd party tool. All Tables are created during Data Loading time.

Everything is going great , i had 2 datafiles where the data is getting loaded with both datafiles under AUTOEXTEND Mode...

One of the tables OUTMAIL has large Data ( Appox 800MB). Iam Getting this error message on the screen,

The exact error I am getting is: ORA-1693: max # extents 4096 reached in lobsegment LYS.SYS_LOB0000145096C00007$$

Oracle Document days :

ORA-01693 max # extents (string) reached in lob segment string.string

Cause: A LOB segment tried to extend past MAXEXTENTS.

Action: If MAXEXTENTS is less than the system max, raise it. Otherwise, you must re-create with larger initial, next or PCTINCREASE parameters.

My questions are

1) Based on Oracle Doc Solution, How do we Increase the MAXEXTENTS so that they are not less than System max ? How do we find out System Extents ?... How do we do this thru OEM ?...

2) Can we increase EXTENTS during Data Import ?....

Thanks for all your help