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    8i fails to find shared libraries

    Hi folks,

    OS HP-UX 11i
    DBMS Patchset 2189751

    We have just migrated to 8.1.7 (and tomorrow we're getting a telephone!) and have come up against a major pain.

    If we try a local connection thorugh SQL*Plus we get :

    [hpips2] /home/opdba> sqlplus (user)/(password)

    SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Wed Mar 26 09:02:50 2003

    (c) Copyright 2000 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

    /usr/lib/pa20_64/dld.sl: Unable to find library 'libjox8.sl'.
    ORA-12547: TNS:lost contact

    The LD_LIBRARY_PATH points to $ORACLE_HOME/lib64 and SHLIB_PATH to $ORACLE_HOME/lib. This issue does not arise if we specify a connection string i.e. sqlplus user/password@hpips2_acdev.

    Interestingly we can connect successfully if we logon to unix with the account owning the oracle installation regardless of whether we supply a connection string or not.

    Kind of suggests a permissions issue (not oracle executable, already checked)but not sure where else to look.

    I would check Metalink but the client seems to think that support is a luxury!!!

    Any ideas would be a great help


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    From MetaLink - someone with the same problem

    Ensure that the following are true
    1)$LD_LIBRARY_PATH contains the $ORACLE_HOME/lib64 dir.
    2)$LD_LIBRARY_PATH does not contains the $ORACLE_HOME/lib dir.
    3)$SHLIB_PATH contains the $ORACLE_HOME/lib dir.
    4)$SHLIB_PATH does not contains the $ORACLE_HOME/lib64 dir.
    5)libjox8.sl'. does exist in the $ORACLE_HOME/lib.

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    Thanks for that Steve,

    (Can't believe this lot have had three months and are still thinking about getting a CSI.)

    A "chatr" on the Oracle executable show the search order as LD_LIBRARY_PATH first, followed by SHLIB_PATH and then named directories hence the reason why LD_LIBRARY_PATH is for the 64 bit modules only.

    We've followed the path setup and got round the problem temporarily by putting a softlink in the /usr/pa20_64 directory.

    What I don't get is what causes the problem. I was told the install went fine but could this be a linking problem?



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    Continuation of the same answer:

    Regarding the relink problem
    Ensure that the Kernel parameters MAXDSIZE and MAXDSIZE_64BIT are both set to considerably more than the default. MAXDSIZE should be atleast 300M. Also make sure that the swap space is big enough.

    Also , ensure that,

    1. The /tmp directory has enough free space as mentioned in the installation guide.

    2. All the required OS patches have been applied on the server as recommended in the installation guide.

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