I really am not having fun with this to_date function! I would like to figure out the busiest hour from my list of entries, though am a very long way away:

I have created a table as such -

person INTEGER
,whn DATE
,code VARCHAR(10)
,PRIMARY KEY (person,whn)

And populated the table with -

INSERT INTO table1 VALUES (1,TO_DATE('25 Feb 2003 06:10:00','dd Mon YYYY HH24:MI:SS'),'XE 0A DB');

and so on!

Yet I cannot figure out how I would go about finding the busiest hour for a single person. I understand MAX and MIN to find which would be the first and last entry hours... though to find which hour they have the most entries elludes me?!? i.e. a persons busiest hour!

I am unhappy. The program to help me solve bookings has now become the biggest one!

Thank you for any reply.