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    Export table with CLOB field

    I need to export a table to a flat file. I've been trying 'exp' and SPOOL in sqlplus, but I'm having issues because of the presence of a CLOB field in the table. There are garbage characters all over the place in the file even though the output looks fine in sqlplus. I need to create the flat file in order to import into a MS SQL Server database table (substituting TEXT data type in MS SQL for CLOB). So, I need a way to export the table from Oracle into some delimited flat file. Oracle 8.1.7. Any ideas?
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    Can you try this

    set termout off -- supress screen output
    set colsep '|' -- column separator
    set feedback off -- Turns off rows returned count display
    set pagesize 0 -- remove column headings
    set linesize 32767 -- total # characters displayed on one line
    set long 32767 -- max width in bytes for LONG, CLOB, and NCLOB
    values (needed?)
    set null '' -- text displayed for a null value (needed?)

    spool your_file_name.txt

    select * from table

    spool off

    I think an ODBC application might also do it ..


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    Why can't you use odbc and SQL Server DTS to directly import the information from Oracle?

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