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Thread: Restricting user to use particular tablespace

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    Hi All
    I never meant hurting Giani or others from my heart and if my words look like that, i am sorry for that.

    When i read a reply from giani and the image under his name i thaught he is making me stupid,thats why i made such a comment(Dont be smart) which is not so vulgar than stecel used against me.

    Stecel's comments
    create role bitch_slapped;
    grant bitch_slapped to msuresh;

    Now, even though you are bitch_slapped, can you do anything with that role? No. Just like create user doesn't mean, by itself, the user can actually create anything in his/her default tablespaces. bitch_slapped has no privileges associated with it, just as being bitch_slapped should be.

    Please dont continue this thread by answering for my reply.
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    Okay. That wasn't too smart, was it? Some people have no sense of humor.
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    Originally posted by msuresh

    Please dont continue this thread by answering for my reply.
    Since u r the owner, close the thread...

    "I Dont Want To Follow A Path, I would Rather Go Where There Is No Path And Leave A Trail."

    "Ego is the worst thing many have, try to overcome it & you will be the best, if not good, person on this earth"
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