Hi all !

I have a problem adding a new partition in a range partitioned table.
The table was builded like this :

create table test
c1 char(10) not null,
c2 char(6) not null,
c8 number(15),
c9 number(15)
partition by range (c2)
(partition 199901 values less than (199902),
partition 199902 values less than (199903),
partition 200212 values less than (200301));

There are 3 bitmap indexes and 1 unique index, and there're all partitioned local.

When I tried to execute :

alter table test add partition P200301 values less than ('200302')

I received the ORA-14074 error (partition bound must collate higher than that of the last partition).

And don't understand why ?
Can anyone help me please ?
Thanks a lot in advance ...