I'm using Forms6i Patch 13 (also tested on Patch 12)
and Oracle Server EE (also tested on and

I have 2 equal databases
I compiled form on database 1 and executed it on this database.Everythin is ok.

When i executed form on database 2 trigger which run report does not work properly. it fires error REP-0091 or report run without any data.

But when i recompile form on database 2 and execute it on this database.Everything is ok.But behaviour of form on database 1 is the same with REP-0091 or no data.

We develop our forms on database 1 and then we move only fmx files to production database where we have no opportunity to recompile them.

What is the solving of this problem.

To Oracle Support

I have strange behaviour of Form Builder
When i click on right mouse button on button in form menu item called PL/SQL Editor sometimes is disabled.
But when i navigate to another button and return back and do the same operation PL/SQL Editor item in popup menu is enabled

What are the bugs???