Hi everybody.

Im new here and also relatively newbie to the Oracle development.
I have a web application fully functional running over a Oracle 8.1.7 and Windows 2000 Advanced Server that few days ago started to act in a strange manner:

Suddenly all opening connections to the database returns a message of Error 8000fff Catastrophic Failure, but if you reset the IIS and the Oracle, the application returns to be fully functional while you work continuously with it... but if you stop working for a minute or two the error returns

I have not added any new code for at least a couple of weeks, during it the app worked fine, and the error started last Friday without an aparent reason.

Ive reinstalled IIS and Oracle, but the error stands, no other applications on the same server generates this error (also there arent any app using the same Oracle schema).

Do you have any idea or suggestion?
Im totally empty of ideas and need help.

Thanks in advance.