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    Revoking privledge on a synonym

    Good Morning Gurus.

    Am setting up a restricted role but have hit a snag in that there are a few public synonyms that point to objects I don't want the role to see. Have not found a way yet to revoke the select privledge via this synonym. I have revoked ALL on the object in question to the user and the role, but they can still DESC and SELECT from the object.

    Any thoughts?

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    The synonym has nothing to do with privileges on the undelying object, even if there is a public synonym if the user does not have either explict privileges or privileges granted via a role they will not be able to read the contents of the table.

    If you can still select from the table, I would suggest that you look carefully at the privileges assigned to the role and to the user.

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    When I created the role, I gave privledges on 18 objects only. I then created the users and assigned them the role. However, they can immediately desc and select from objects which I did not grant them privledges.

    Maybee this is a different issue. As a DBA-lvl user, I revoked all privledges on an object I did not own. However, in dba_tab_privs, there is an entry granting select on the object to PUBLIC.

    Will try revoking as the object owner.

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    I think what is killing me is the fact that in dba_tab_privs there is an entry granting select on the object to public. I have revoked privledges to the object as the object owner but the user still has access to the table.

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