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    Question Import/Export Question

    I want to move objects from my development database to my UAT database. Is there a way to do an export of just the tables and sequences and a way to export just the procedures and packages?

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    If you want to export the user objects (like packages,procedures etc) then put the user tablespace offline and then do the export.

    This will export
    --stored procedures
    --referential integrity constraints
    --bitmap, functional and extensible indexes
    --posttables actions
    --materialized views
    --snapshot logs
    --job queues
    --refresh groups and children
    --post-schema procedural objects and actions
    --pre-schema procedural objects and actions
    --foreign function library names for user
    --PUBLIC type synonyms
    --private type synonyms
    --object type definitions for user
    --database links
    --sequence numbers
    --cluster definitions

    except for the table data.

    well, i just saw that its equal to doing rows=n

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    This is a great way to export all of your structures and no data, another benefit is that it takes about a minute to run.

    I remember when this place was cool.

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