I have a temporary tablespace of size 1.73GB. It consists of 2 datafiles. With st parameters init 1M, next 1 M, Min Ext 1 , Max Ext Unlimited.

Now I wanna configure parameters according to my SORT_AREA_SIZE parameters.

So the process I m thinking is as below :

1. Bring Down all applications (I am running SAP)
2. Connect to Oracle
3. Alter tablespace PSAPTEMP Offline
4. DROP tablespace PSAPTEMP including contents;
5. Move the old files from original location
6. CREATE the PSAPTEMP tablespace
7. Create Tablespace PSAPTEMP datafile
'M:\oracle\P62\SAPDATA1\TEMP_1\TEMP.DATA1' size 1572768K
default storage (initial 2064K
next 2064K
minextents 1
pctincrease 0)

8. Alter tablespace PSAPTEMP Online;

Am I doing the it right, or some changes need to be made. This is production database.

Any Views . . . . . . . . .