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    RMAn backup time increasing.

    I am seeing increase in my backup time. I am using RMAN backup. If I recycle the database it works fine, but over a period of time the backup time starts increasing.
    After restarting the database, backup can be done in 3-4 hours, but after few days it may take 18-20 Hours.

    I am on Windows 2000, Oracle 8173, database size is around 200GB.

    Any Clues...........

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    could it be that some resources will not get free
    for example increasing number of sessions due to
    ApplicationServer holding them ...
    Check V$sesstat for memory-usage of the sessions.
    Hope it's not a Win2K-problem.

    * Also look at oracle.exe in the taskmamanger, increases the memory-usage? day by day ?
    * Look to the memory-usage befor and after rman.backup.
    * will the rman-sessions terminated when backup finished
    * Also look on the size of the system-cache, and use of the memory on win2k (virtual + real )
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