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Thread: listener.log file missing !!

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    listener.log file missing !!

    Hello all..

    Oracle 9.2 / Sun 5.8

    I tried looking into $ORACLE_HOME/netwok/admin for listener.log. But i can't see one. i did a search on that file, and still cant see one. How do i get this file back and start logging all connections back into this file ?...


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    Did you delete the file from the OS? If so, the listener is still logging connections to that file but you just can't see it (man inode).

    To get your connections logging again:
    % lsnrctl
    LSNRCTL> set log_status off
    LSNRCTL> set log_status on
    LSNRCTL> exit
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    What, has this turned into the Pornacle website?

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