We use Cognos suite of products for a BI solution. So the user information is being stored in the Cognos based LDAP store (in NDS). We use Oracle 9i on HP UNIX as the DB. I would like to know if it would be possible to leverage the Cognos based LDAP to autheticate the users into Oracle? So ultimately the administrator would be required to enter the user information only in Cognos and when the user accesses the reports he can get to access the DB also. I read that authentication using LDAP is possible only using OID. But the problem is the user info is present in Cognos based LDAP. So what should I be doing? A few suggested that replication would help, but the DIT structure would be different between Cognos LDAP and OID, so how would this work? What about the passwords?

Would be great if any of you could provide some inputs or refer to some place where I could info on this.

Thanks in advance.