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    Help with SQL query!

    Hope anyone can help me here.
    This is an example situation:

    Table PetOwner

    Peter Cat
    Peter Dog

    This is the table that i want to generate a query from. But i want the query to return results in this order if i wanted to find what pets Peter owned:

    Generated results from SQL query

    Peter Cat Dog

    I.e. Instead of 2 records returned I want a single record returned with all pets associated with Peter returned in columns and not as individual rows.

    Can anyone help this poor chap here?

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    Cross tab - PL/SQL Cursor

    Guess you want a CROSS TAB report. I don't know if Oracle 9i has incorporated any feature. The best bet for you is to traverse a
    PL/SQL cursor and do it your self as functions can return a value or valueset as you wish !

    Never give up !

    Nanda Kumar - Vellore

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I can achieve this applying PL/SQL but i was trying to avoid taking that route. If any functions exist within SQL so that just a SQL query can achieve a horizontal resultset would be ideal.


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