I have my database(8.1.6) running on Solaris 2.7 and Apps server Oracle 9iAS ( on Windows NT. The application server is working fine except for this new feature which i would like to deploy on my machine.The modplsql module has to be configured. I have created a new dedicated HTTP listener on Windows NT.The service has
been started and is running without any problem.I wanted to use mod_plsql without portal.1 I have commented the line ';admindad='.
Since there was an attempt of installing portal the entries for the portal were
made in the wbdbsvr.app file.But the portal has now been deinstalled.
the OWA packages have been checked &installed on the database
running on a seperate machine with SOLARIS 2.7 and database 8.1.6.
1. My problem now is i am not able to access the page
where devtserver01 is the name of my Windows NT server
7777 is the dedicated port on which the plsql listener has been configured tolisten on.
2. I have modified the d:\oracle\isuites\apache\modplsql\cfg\wbdbsvr.app file.
I have attached the file for your reference.
3. The d:\oracle\isuites\apache\modplsql\cfg\plsql.conf has been modified by
adding the line ProxyPass /pls/ http://devtserver01:7777/pls/
for the bypass for all url's with /pls/
5. The location handler parameter has been commented and tested as per even that does not work. I am not able to view the page
gateway.htm for which the absolute path is d:/oracle/isuites/apache/modplsql.

Any suggestion on this issue would be of great use to me