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    Using sysdate as default in PROMPT and ACCEPT

    Hi I am running the following SQL script in sqlPlus

    ACCEPT g_TXN_Date date format 'dd/mm/yyyy' PROMPT 'Enter Start Date (leave blank FOR today): ' default sysdate

    select TO_CHAR(TO_DATE('&g_TXN_Date'), 'DD/MM/YYYY') from dual

    The idea is the user can only specify a date but if they don't specify anything then the current date is selected.

    I get errors

    Enter value for g_txn_date:
    old 1: select TO_CHAR(TO_DATE(&g_TXN_Date), 'DD/MM/YYYY') from dual
    new 1: select TO_CHAR(TO_DATE(), 'DD/MM/YYYY') from dual
    select TO_CHAR(TO_DATE(), 'DD/MM/YYYY') from dual
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-00938: not enough arguments for function

    Any help would be great !

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    You'll need to do something similar to the following:
    COLUMN date1 new_value curdate NOPRINT
    SELECT sysdate date1 FROM dual;
    ACCEPT g_TXN_Date DATE FORMAT 'dd/mm/yyyy' 
      DEFAULT '&curdate' 
      PROMPT 'Enter the date (DD/MM/YYYY): '
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