'How Do I Update/Use Clob Column Data Type'
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Thread: 'How Do I Update/Use Clob Column Data Type'

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    Question 'How Do I Update/Use Clob Column Data Type'

    Hi Guys,

    I need to Update, Text Entries into the Database Table Columns,
    Where the Text Entries Some thing like 10 to 15 lines may come.
    So, Should I Prefer to use clob or Something else for Database Table
    Column Data Type. Then If I use Clob, I am Using PB as Front End
    Then How can I update, the column Values thr'o sql Statement or I can Use Datawindow Update Itself.

    Pls. Revert me back Guys.


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    If we assume each line to have 100 characters, it amounts to 1500 characters, which is not much for you to use CLOB. You can have a limit of 4000 characters with VARCHAR2(4000).


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