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Thread: Cert question

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    Cert question

    Since I am just starting is the 8i still available to take?
    I would like to gain some knowledge in oracle stuff to help me locate a job. I looked around on Oracle site and all I could find was some stuff for 9i. I looked at the OCA, but I wondered if anyone even hired people based on that, it seems kind of like having an MCP. then there is the OCP which would be attainable but they want me to take a class that cost 1250, I have seen a lot of bad luck with people taking classes like these, most of the time they are just worried about getting your money.
    I have also thought about getting MS SQL or MySQL, but where I am at there is no demand for either of them

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    The 8i certification path is still availiable:


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    Is there anyplace I can get 8i to practice on and has there been any news on when this exam might be retired since there are newer ones coming out

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    technet.oracle.com, you have to register (free) and you can get downloads of software as long as you promise you are not under the control of Cuba or other bad regimes.

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