Hi there,

I've written a foreign function to read from the comport. This function now has to be improved. I want to read from the comport x times, where x can be between 1 and 10 (for now), and then pass the raw data to an Oracle Forms program. The function is called by a PL/SQL script that has been trigger by the user. Now I have the following questions:

- How can I pass an array of strings to a foreign function inside a DLL? And how to pass it back?
- Does anyone have an example about this subject? Please both PL/SQL and C/C++ code.
- Any other ideas?

I want to use the Oracle Foreign Function Interface for this (my function already uses this interface so I don't have to reprogram it!).

I'm using Oracle 8.1 (database), Oracle Forms Builder 6 and Microsoft Visual C++ (Visual studio) on a Windows 95 operating system. If it's an issue, I want to use the same code on both Windows 95 and Windows NT.

I've posted messages on numerous forums (even Oracle's Metalink (metalink.oracle.com)) but no replies sofar. So if anyone has a suggestion please let me know

Much thanks in advance.

Marco Houtman