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    PLS-00363: expression 'P_RET_CD' cannot be used as an assignment target

    I do nut understand why I am getting the above error messages.

    Within my package body, I have a whole hoist of procedures which are passed in parameters (as IN OUT) they are also initialised in the executable section and are assigned others values within processing.

    Can someone help???

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    Can you post a sample of the code where the error is occuring?
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    I have a procedure(s) which take in the follwoing parameters

    p_ret_cd IN OUT NUMBER,
    p_ret_msg IN OUT VARCHAR2

    Then in the Begin section these are initialised

    p_ret_cd := 0;
    p_ret_msg := 'OK';

    Then this procedure is called within the same package body as the procedure above and p_dops_record('INSERT', p_ret_cd, p_ret_msg, v_idps_recin.sch_af_id); Note the first and the last parameters are just IN.

    When I try to compile the pakage body - I get the following errors

    PLS-00363: expression 'P_RET_CD' cannot be used as an assignment
    show errors
    p_ret_cd := 0;
    p_ret_msg := 'OK';
    p_dops_record('UPDATE', p_ret_cd, p_ret_msg, v_idps_recin.sch_af_id)
    p_ret_cd := -20110; NOTE it is re-assigned elsewhere in processing..

    When I Isolate the procedure in a package body and leave the IN OUT and call it from another procedure just like above - IT COMPILES!!

    Any idea???

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    Problem sorted!

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