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    Re: Bad Demand for DBA

    Originally posted by ckwan
    Hi all,
    Just wonder any of your countries really experience bad demand for the DBA. Especially for Oracle DBA. Organization tend to use 'Open Source' Software rather licensed copy. I don't need to mention what are the open source database.
    What I can feel in my country is many companies still 'waiting' for the economy to recover and not intend to invest on new technology.

    Any of you have the experiences on this ?
    Here in Scandinavia 8-9 DBA jobs out of 10 are for Oracle.

    Which is your country?
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    I have had 3 interviews and each one has cancelled the position. So I get passed 400 resumes and then the company changes their mind.

    Very tough right now.

    Mysql? Did not like working with it at all. Cant imagine someone paying me a real salary to work on mysql.

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    Very little demand for ORACLE DBAs here in the Philippines. Demand for ORACLE professionals are usually developers or Oracle Apps consultants. It's a different story 3-4 years ago.
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    My country is Malaysia. A lot of people looking for the job. Now is the 'employer world' unlike last time....

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