I created the following function which
almost works. The problem is that I would
like to return the name of the file being
created for this trace. Therefore I can
call it from my application and easily
track down the file that I am looking for.
The problem is that the supplied function DBMS_TRACE.get_plsql_trace_runnumber does
not work. Unless I am missing something.
It always returns a 0. I was hoping to
return either the directory and filename
or at least just the number of the tracing
session. I have a procedure that I am going
to use to stop tracing.
Any help would be appreciated.

  --' $Header:
  --' Oracle supplied tracing levels. More than one can be used.
  --' trace_all_calls          constant integer := 1;  -- Trace calls/returns
  --' trace_enabled_calls      constant integer := 2;
  --' trace_all_exceptions     constant integer := 4;  -- trace exceptions
  --' trace_enabled_exceptions constant integer := 8;  -- (and handlers)
  --' trace_all_sql            constant integer := 32; -- trace SQL statements
  --' trace_enabled_sql        constant integer := 64; -- at PL/SQL level (does not invoke SQL trace)
  --' trace_all_lines          constant integer := 128; -- trace each line
  --' trace_enabled_lines      constant integer := 256;
	p_enable_sql_trace(p_trace_level BINARY_INTEGER DEFAULT DBMS_TRACE.trace_all_calls)
	v_trace_file	VARCHAR2(200);
	v_tracenumber	BINARY_INTEGER;
  --' start trace data dumping in session
  --' the parameter is the sum of the above constants representing which
  --' events to trace

	v_tracenumber := DBMS_TRACE.get_plsql_trace_runnumber;

  --' Return the run-number
	v_trace_file := 'The number of the trace file is: '||TO_CHAR(v_tracenumber);

	RETURN v_trace_file;
END p_enable_sql_trace;