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    BLOB vs BFILE for Image Files?

    We are developing a database application that will store 2K to 20K image files for personnel ID photographs.

    Any suggestions on the pros and cons of using BLOBs vs. BFILEs? I've looked through past threads and seen support for both approaches?

    If possible we don't want to get into interMedia and Java Stored Procedures.

    Dave Peacock
    Oracle DBA
    Leeds, England

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    You can use either one. Just be aware of restrictions while using both types.
    Shripad Godbole
    OCP DBA (8,8i,9i)

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    I'm not greatly experienced in blobs and bfiles, but it seems that you are talking about pretty small objects here, but maybe quite a few of them. That would suggest to me that blobs would be a more manageable sol'n -- they stay in the database and you don't have to fiddle about with OS directories and such like.
    David Aldridge,
    "The Oracle Sponge"

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