Hi all!

I am new on Suse v8.0 Linux version.

Anyways,do you know any web site for Suse v8.0 Linux for Oracle DBAs like dbasupport.com where I may interact with Linux experts on Suse v8.0.

Our Technical Team had recently installed Oracle v8. on Suse v8.0 Linux but sqlplus is not getting connected.Oracle error message keeps on flashing on connecting/logging as below:

Oracleora8:error while loading Shared Libraries:
libskgup8.so:cannot open shared object file:No such file or directory.
Error:ORA-12457:TNS:Lost contact.

Could you anyhow relate this error to your Sun Solaris OS as to what could be causing Shared Libraries problem as above.

In addition to the above,I keep getting the error:TNS Could not resolve service name.I had even configured TNSNAMES.ORA File correctly.

Any idea!

A line or two on best possible suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,