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Thread: How to change Sysdate of Oracle Database

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    Originally posted by gdinakar
    I think forum is for DBAs, not for politicians. No one is expert. We are all trying to find solution to something they didn't have exposure to or to something they have expertise in.
    So, I will continue to read all the things that U call "CRAP". If U don't want to read all that, pls get the heck out of this forum.
    Hope U got it. Edison had to take 2000 attempts before inventing electirc bulb. So, I don't think U R super human to figure out things at first shot.

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    There is a chance that from where you are invoking sqlplus is having OS date different to that of the date set in the Unix machine where database actually resides.

    Eg : There are 2 Unix machines A & B
    B is where database(ABCD) resides..
    A is where you invoke SQL+ as
    sqlplus @ABCD.WORLD
    In A it is set as '5 feb 2003'
    In B it is set as '10 Feb 2003'.

    Then when u give select sysdate from dual;Output would be '10 Feb2003'
    But when you give
    5 feb 2003.

    Confirm from select host_name from v$instance;

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    Originally posted by stmontgo
    hilarity ensues as a one post reply answer gets exploded to 3 pages of wasted space
    Make that 4 pages of wasted space...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sandycrab View Post
    Dear Mr. Pando...I hope you got my problem...already my Oracle sysdate and my Unix server's date is different...would you like to throw some light on this because when I issue select sysdate from dual..it does not show my unix server's date...
    Any clue on this??
    I believe you are looking at the wrong server. The DB server is indeed where Oracle gets the sysdate from. I just changed it on my DB server (happens to be Windows Server 2012) and on another server where my interface is... I brought up SQLPlus and sure enough... I got the new date. I cannot imagine this is any different on a Unix server. Cheers and best of luck!

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