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    Advice on RAID ?

    Hi All,
    I have a new xeon server & ruinning win2kserver. have a storage array that comes to 657 gb. 4 gigs of ram

    10 disks of 73 gigs each.

    my scenario is:

    - data warehouse & data mining
    - can afford a down time
    - have less number of users (less than 20)
    - lots of full table, scans, huge joins (ie. lots of reads)
    - need seperate table space for users to create tables and drop them and so on.

    please suggest me some configurations.

    raid 0 or raid 3 or raid 5


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    New Delhi, INDIA
    RAID 5
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    Can you create/update most of your stuff with NOLOGGING (think about recovery)? If so, RAID5 for everything.
    If you have massive logged changes, get hold of a couple of little disks (theft works quite well) and put your redo logs (and control files?) on RAID1, with nothing else on the same drive. All the rest RAID5.
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