Okay, will be migrating my current 734 system to 9i2 here in a couple weeks. We are about finished with our testing and are working on the migration plan. We have done the migration a couple times in the test environment and are looking at ways to speed the export up.

Current argument is to drop the major indexes and then do the export. REbuild the indexes on the new machine. I thought we could just do the export without the indexes. Either way should speed the export up considerably.

My current export is a shade over 3gigs and takes about 1h40m on my system with all users still on it.

As a test, I went to my development box to time out the process. I did a full export that was 1.7gig and took 28mins. I then did the same export adding the indexes=N option.

Both exports took the same time and are of the same size. Why? I thought the indexes=N option should have cut down on export time and dump file size.

Anyone offer any insights?