Hi everybody,

I am working with Oracle portal 3.0.9.There are top navigation and left navigation on the Home page.I am using Set and Get cookies function so that the banner and the bodyimage will be in sync.In the left navigation there are many links for e.g say STUDENTS,CENTRES,QUALIFICATIONS etc And for each link there are banners as well as bodyimage.Everything is working fine.Then i write a stored procedure for the link CENTRES to get all the available centres.I also included the SET and GET functions for the cookies.When i clicked on the CENTRES it shows me the right images for banner as well as for the body.But after that if i click on any of the link then the contents gets changed as i required but the images remains that of the CENTRES.I know Cookies by default are session based.But then how do i used it if i want to used the procedure.I also tried OWA_cookies.But i am still not getting the required results.Pls tell me how do i resolve this.

Thank you very much.
Prashant Gujrathi