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Thread: Hot Blocks

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    Hot Blocks

    Hello all,

    We have severe lock contention in one of our tables when it is being updated. I suspect contention for a specific row in the database. Is there anyway i can detect this hot block?

    Thanks in advance,

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    This script will report the SQL text of some of the locks currently being held in the database:

    set pagesize 60
    set linesize 132
    select s.username username,
    a.sid sid,
    a.owner||'.'||a.object object,
    t.sql_text SQL
    from v$sqltext t,
    v$session s,
    v$access a
    where t.address=s.sql_address
    and t.hash_value=s.sql_hash_value
    and s.sid = a.sid
    and a.owner != 'SYS'
    and upper(substr(a.object,1,2)) != 'V$'
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